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The Asian College of Journalism is dedicated to the task of producing a crop of educated young people, not only with advanced professional skills but also with the broad knowledge, integrity, and social commitment that will make them outstanding journalists. It is a postgraduate college designed to provide students with world-class journalism education adapted to the specific needs of India and other developing countries in Asia. It seeks to prepare its graduates to achieve the highest standards in all branches of the profession, keeping in focus the trend and thrust of convergence and digitisation in the media, and the consequent demands for multiple skills made on the contemporary journalist.

One of the ACJ’s strengths is the flexibility in updating the curriculum periodically in response to the swift changes in the media industry and practice. As an academic institution, the ACJ has been ahead of the industry in predicting its needs and incorporating required changes in the curriculum to make it Future Ready.

The ACJ programme seeks to combine the ‘how to’ aspect of journalism with a critical and reflective ‘why’ perspective that enables the young journalist to keep up with the demands made by a dynamic work environment and a changing society.

English is the medium of instruction at the ACJ, and all assignments are to be submitted in English.

The ACJ follows the advanced teaching methods developed in the best journalism education programmes in the world. Over two semesters, it combines a rigorous academic curriculum with intensive practical training, endeavouring to strike a balance between education (i.e., acquisition of knowledge) and training (i.e., the imparting of professional skills).

It is designed to introduce talented students with no prior experience in journalism to various branches of the media and help them acquire the knowledge, skills, and discernment necessary for ready employment in the profession.

The strongest emphasis is placed on practical journalism. First, through lectures and workshops, students are instructed in the tools and techniques of the journalist. Then they apply what they have learned in the classroom by undertaking reporting and production assignments.

The college does not neglect the wider educational needs of future journalists, either. Through a series of required lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as elective courses, students are exposed to the challenge of serious, quality journalism, to the history and problems of the media, and to many key issues confronting India and the world.

The ACJ has a demanding academic programme. Classes begin early in the morning and continue late into the evening. Assignments are given on a regular basis and must be completed to meet strict deadlines.

Students from the ACJ have proved to be in high demand and numerous alumni are already at work in key positions in all areas of journalism. Their success is a tribute both to their talent and to the institution that educated and trained them.