How The VC Industry Works: A talk by Menlo Ventures MD Venky Ganesan on March 30, 2021

Venky Ganesan, Managing Director at Menlo Ventures, provided a comprehensive insight into the venture capital world in his address to students of the Asian College of Journalism. 

Ganesan illustrated the steps involved in the investment process and outlined the risks faced by venture capitalists. 

He discussed the various factors that determine investment decisions, and emphasised the importance of assessing  markets and tracking their growth. 

He described real-world examples from the business world and from his experiences as an investor to present a clear picture of how the venture capital sector functions vis-à-vis the entrepreneurial market. 

Mr Ganesan also spoke about the need to ensure a financing environment that gives entrepreneurs and startups the confidence to take risks, as he elaborated on the advantages of covering founders’ personal liability. 

He linked this point to economic growth, contending that one of the indicators of a functioning and emerging economy is the growth in the number of new rich people. 

The session gave the students an extensive view of the different facets of venture capital, the role of venture capital investors, and the importance of the institution in our economies.